We will focus on helping you listen to the whispers of your soul, and how to access that deep, innate and wild wisdom that you have, helping you establish a path and practice to access this intuitive wisdom for your own healing journey.

These sessions are designed to help you reconnect with your power, uncover your souls’ purpose, and help you live a vital life, full of connection, awareness, awe and wonder. People have described me as practical and down to earth, and I try very hard to tailor the coaching to your needs and create a warm, non-judgemental and friendly atmosphere. A lot of previous clients also thought it was very helpful that I have had mental and chronic health struggles myself, so I understand how it feels to be seeking support, as well as being a professional offering it.

Please note, that these days I’m only taking on coaching clients and currently don’t offer clinical psychology sessions (e.g. people seeking clinical psychology treatment for PTSD, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety, Addiction, BPD, etc.). Please note, that the soulful coaching process can’t replace ongoing regular therapy and isn’t intended for people with acute mental health struggles. Please reach out to your General Practitioner if you are looking for ongoing psychological therapy in your area.

Work With Me 1:1

Reconnect With Your Power

This is a great opportunity to learn about new perspective on self-care and how to incorporate soul-care into your daily life. The aim is to tailor a wellness plan to your true, authentic needs (e.g. regular sessions to help you shift and implement changes, or maybe you prefer monthly booster sessions). 

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My Dog - My Teacher

I feel that dogs are one of the greatest gifts from the universe to us and that they can teach us a lot about ourselves. In our zoom call, we will discuss your individual goal to help you as the dog owner increase your wellbeing, which then has a flow-on effect on your dog.

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Integration Session

I have a special interest in integration therapies for altered states (e.g. meditation, breath work, psychedelic experiences, plant medicines) and like to support people in finding practical ways to integrate their spiritual experience into their daily lives.

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Join us for some live events!

One of my greatest pleasures as a professional is to connect with live events from people all around the globe who share similar interests. Check out the upcoming live events:

Reconnect With Your Power

This is a great opportunity to learn about a new perspective on self-care and how to incorporate soul-care into your daily life.

This is for you…

  • If you feel like there is more to life and have lost your spark along the way.
  • If you feel tired and worn out. You feel like you are on autopilot a lot of the time and you can’t remember the last time you felt truly alive.
  • If you struggle to accept and embrace your emotions.
  • If awe and wonder is missing from your life.
  • If you would like to learn tools how to have a kinder relationship with yourself and address your negative inner dialogue
  • If you crave authenticity and purpose in your life.
  • If you would like to learn how to manage your personal energy better.
  • If you feel burned out and would like to learn more about the different types of rest you need to thrive.
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My Dog - My Teacher

Dogs are one of the most amazing and precious gifts from the universe to me. I love and adore them, so much so, that I’ve become a qualified dog trainer just to understand them better. Also, as my dog Luna and I had quite a journey together I wanted to learn more.


You see, to help her, I had to first help myself.

Luna mirrored a side in me that was still needing to be discovered, nurtured and healed.

Luna is from a shelter and suffered from very strong separation anxiety, and later on also became human and dog aggressive. We had amazing trainers in our life helping us, but only once I addressed my own wellbeing and weaknesses did Luna really start to thrive in the canine behaviour modification classes we attended. It hurts me to say this, but I was the one holding her back in her progress. Here is a list of various skills and topics that I love to address with other dog owners in my coaching process:


  • Learning how to understand and regulate your own nervous system
  • Noticing your stress triggers and learning about how to manage them
  • Learning to set and hold boundaries
  • Learning to be in the present moment and reconnect with your power
  • Learning to let go of a “fixed mindset” and embrace a “growth mindset”
  • Identifying your values and living them
  • Accepting your emotions
  • Embracing the journey
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Integration Session

As a clinical psychologist, I’ve always had a fascination for altered states of consciousness, such as deep meditation, prayer or breath work. 
Recently though, more and more people have reached out to me, asking for integration assistance as they had experienced altered states of consciousness (e.g. participating in a meditation retreats, taking psychedelics without medical supervision or guidance, or participating in plant medicine ceremonies overseas) and it left them unsettled or they don’t know how to implement their experience into their day to day life.

These sessions aim to help people tap into their neuroplasticity and change patterns and unhelpful coping modes, help them honouring their spiritual experience if they had one, deal with any uprising issues and triggers, and generally make sure that they get full support to process and integrate their experience in a safe, non-judgmental space. 

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General Information

If you would like to work with me, please note that each initial coaching session is 90 min long (AUD 330, incl. GST). Follow up sessions are 60 min (AUD 220, incl. GST). Sessions are mainly held virtually on Zoom but it is possible to see me face to face too. I'm located in Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia.


In case of cancellation or postponement, please provide as much notice as possible. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment incur a $50 cancellation fee. In case of cancellation on the same day of the appointment, the full fee is due. Please note that Medicare isn’t applicable for coaching.