Well... I honestly believe that we are currently living in an ego-centric society, and I would like to help shift it more towards an eco-soulcentric society that helps build strong communities, resilience in people, kindness, and sees Mother Nature as part of our family and healing system. We are nature at the end of the day, so why not honour this part in us that connects us with the world?

But let me first explain to you what this word creation means:


“Pachamama” is an ancient Incan goddess, and she is perceived as being benevolent and giving – of being nature herself. In Incan mythology she signifies fertility and abundance – a creative power to sustain life on this earth. Pachamama is synonymous with Mother Earth, although a more literal translation is ‘World Mother’. The concept of Pachamama is often used to represent the warmth and love shared between a mother and a child.  And to me, I see “Pachamama” or “Mother Nature” as part of our family system that offers a lot of nurture, guidance, healing, love and wisdom. 


And what is a “glowup”? -


A “glowup” is an incredible transformation for the better. 

As the world has been going through some crazy times, I’ve decided to take aspects of the eco-soulcentric model in my business model on board. Hence, you can donate your time to secure a spot at my online events. The fairest and easiest trackable task I could come up with is the following: You collect a minimum of 1kg of rubbish in your area (it can't just benefit you... it's about doing something good for others) and document the process with photos. Make sure one of the photos shows the 1kg of collected garbage. Then email the photos to [email protected] with the name and date of the online event you would like to attend.

Once I've received them and replied with a confirmation, you have secured a spot!

I know this is an unusual way to do it, but I'd really like to give this a go. Because this way, you get a spot AND your community and Mother Nature benefits. That's a win-win in my books. Also, we have had pachamamamglowups from all around the world so far and it has been doing so much better than I could have ever hoped for! Love it… because at the end of the day, we are all connected and are one. 


Plus, why not take care of our beautiful home, Mother Earth and give her back some love? 


Pictures: Luna and I are regularly collecting rubbish on your daily walks in our neighbourhood. Luna loves wearing her backpack to carry the rubbish home.

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