I’d like to invite you to come with me on a journey. The Journey involves learning how to nourish your spirit and approaching “self-care” from an eco-soulcentric perspective, in the form of a one day workshop on our property, called Refugia. I’m not sure if you knew, but Nature-Connectedness is a core human need, and if it isn’t met, your well-being will be greatly impacted. 


This journey of deep, nourishing self-care is great for everyone who is interested in nourishing their relationship with Mother Nature and craving a bigger, deeper, more soul-nourishing life.

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This journey might be right up your alley if you…

  • Feel exhausted, numb, maybe even struggle with burn-out, and can’t remember the last time when you really felt alive and connected to life and its awe and wonder
  • Would like to deepen your relationship with nature, as you see it as a key part of your well-being 
  • Are curious what research has discovered about the importance of Nature-Connectedness, and what happens if this core human need isn’t met
  • Crave a deeper connection with life and the mystery that surrounds us
  • Get in touch with your inner “Wild Child” and learn how to nurture it

In this 1-day workshop you will:

  • Learn practical exercises on how to connect with Nature to significantly increase your wellbeing
  • Witness how easy it is to improve your mental health and resilience with the help of Nature
  • Experience how deeply nourishing it feels to be fully accepted, seen, loved and witnessed by the interconnectedness of life
  • Have an opportunity to feel alive and experience a sense of awe and wonder in your life 

There are no prerequisites for this workshop, beyond feeling called to deepen and explore your connection to the natural world from a self-care perspective.


Outline of the Workshop

The 1-day workshop will be held on our property, called Refugia, in Wentworth Falls (NSW, 2782).  You will be guided through a journey of how to satisfy your core human need of Nature-Connectedness.

During the day, you will be shown various eco-soulcentric exercises and methods to enrichen your life and connect you with Nature. Individual one-on-one sessions can be purchased separately to tailor and deepen your experience before and after the workshop. 

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Price: $250.00 AUD 

Location: Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia


Dates & Times (Sydney, Australia):

Sunday, 28th of April from 9:30am till 4:30ish.

Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided. 

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