In this on-demand Zoom recording and accompanied workbook, I’m hoping to support you through transitioning your dog and help you to invite healing into your grieving journey. 

Do you see the photo of Luna? The one with where I'm wearing a straw hat?

That exact photo was taken a few minutes before my heart dog Luna was put to sleep in our garden in her favourite spot. And let me tell you, the time leading up to her euthanasia was very intense on all levels. Our story is a never-ending story of love, celebrating life to the max, and an incredible heart connection built on deep love, growth, courage and friendship. And to this day, Luna's story is touching many people's lives. Hopefully this little on demand video can help you celebrate the friendship, love and connection you have with your own dog even in the toughest moments. 

In this recording and workbook, I would like to give you practical tools, insights and perspectives in how you can celebrate your never-ending love story with your beloved dog that is about to transition or has already transitioned. 

Despite Luna's and my journey physically ending, our love and connection is bigger and stronger than ever, which is quite a paradox. But I love that about our dogs, they make us grow, they show us how to heal and what an incredible source of love they are. So, let’s celebrate and honour them! 

In this recording, accompanied by the workbook, I will show you how

- to celebrate and honour your never-ending love story with your beloved dog

- practical tools to cope before and after the transition

- strategies to invite gentleness and support into your life

- how to celebrate life and not avoid death in the decision-making process leading up

As the world is going through some crazy times, I've decided that there are two ways you can get access.

a) You pay the fee, as with any other event, through this page. 

b) I'm aware that money is tight for many people at the moment. Hence, you can donate your time to secure a spot, and I’ve thought a lot about how this could be achieved in a meaningful way. The fairest and easiest trackable task I could come up with is the following:

You collect about 1kg of rubbish in your area (it can't just benefit's about doing something good for others) and document the process with photos. Make sure one of the photos shows the 1kg of collected garbage. Then email the photos to [email protected] with the subject line: Love Story. 

Once I've received them and replied with a confirmation, you will be given a discount code, which gives you free admission. 

I know this is an unusual way to do it, but I'd really like to give this a go. Because this way, you get free access AND your community and Mother Nature benefits. That's a win-win in my books and I've called this way of securing a spot the “Pachamamaglowup” and you might see it popping up in my other events as well. You will find more info on my website here. 

Sending you lots of love and gentle healing,

Birdy & Luna

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